Home of The “Biggest &

Best Burgers” In St. Louis

Home of The “Biggest &
Best Burgers” In St. Louis
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Our Burger Menu

Featuring Over 50 Different 9 oz. Hamburgers


All burgers come with seasoned fries and garnished with lettuce, onion & pickles.
Tomatoes available upon request. Choice of Brioche or Wheat bun.

6 Oz. Burger

Make any burger a little smaller – One dollar cheaper


1000 Island Burger

Burger with 1000 island sauce 10.25

All american Burger

Two 6 oz. patties with fried onions, double american cheese & mayo 13

Bacon Cheeseburger

Bacon and choice of cheese 11.5

BBQ Cheddar Burger

BBQ sauce & cheddar cheese 10.75

Breakfast Burger

Bacon, egg, hash brown and american cheese on a grilled buttered
bun 13.25

Buffalo Crunch Burger

Hot sauce, crumbled bleu cheese & potato chips 11

Cajun Burger

Cajun seasoning & pepper cheese 10.75


Your choice of cheeses 10.5


Chipotle Burger

Chipotle sauce and pepper cheese 10.75

Concord Burger

Cheddar cheese sauce, bacon & onion straws 11.75

Double Decker Burger

Burger too small?  Add another 9 oz. patty 6

Garlic Cheeseburger

Garlic butter & provel cheese 10.75

Havarti Cheeseburger

Grilled tomatoes & harvarti cheese  10.75


Jalapeno Popper Burger

Cream cheese poppers & homemade jalapeno raspberry jelly 12

Jim White Burger

(In memory of The Big Bumper, KMOX Radio) Mushrooms, bacon & swiss cheese 11.75

Karl’s Kicked Up Burger

Onion straws, spicy mustard & horseradish cheese 11.5



Mac & Cheesy Burger

Real bacon bits, green onions, cheddar cheese sauce, mac & cheese
bites 13.25

Mighty Mozzarella Burger

3 fried cheese sticks, pasta sauce, & mozzarella cheese.  Definitely must LOVE cheese to eat this one! 12

Philly Burger

A blend of cream cheese, green onions, bacon & garlic 10.75

Reuben Burger

Sauerkraut, thousand island dressing & swiss cheese 11

Slopper Burger

BBQ sauce & creamy coleslaw 11

Smothered Burger

Sauteed onions, mushrooms & beef gravy  10.75

St. Louis Burger

Two ravioli, pasta sauce, provel cheese 13


Teriyaki Burger

Teriyaki glaze, mushrooms & swiss cheese 11

Ultimate Shroom Burger

Extra mushrooms & horseradish sauce 10.75

Western Burger

BBQ sauce, bacon & sauteed onions 11.5

15 Oz. KJ Burger

(Bacon may only be used as a single topping)
3 traditional double toppings 15.25

A-1 Burger

Mushrooms, Onions & A-1 sauce 10.75

Basic Burger

Plain burger 10

BBQ Beef Bacon Burger

BBQ sauce, bacon and tender eye of round roast beef 13.5

Buffalo Style Burger

Hot sauce & provel cheese 10.75

Burger #24

Port wine cheese & bacon 11.5

California Burger

Guacamole & tomato 10.75

Chili Cheeseburger

Chili & cheese 11 

Chuckie Burger

Tri-colored peppers, onions, beef gravy, & provel
cheese 11.25

Concord Cardiac Burger

Double bacon & double cheese on a grilled buttered bun 13.5

Flash Fried Spinach Burger

Grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic butter, fried spinach & mozzarella cheese 12

Greek Burger

Black olives & feta cheese 10.75

Hawaiian Burger

Sweet & sour sauce, bacon & pineapple 11.5

Jami’s Loaded Spud Burger

Bacon, shredded cheese, green onions, sour cream & hash brown
potato 12.25

Josh Burger

Lawry’s seasoning & provel cheese 10.75

Lorri’s El Passo Burger

Sauteed onions, hot sauce, ranch dressing & pepper
cheese 11.25

Mexican Burger

Jalapenos, salsa & cheddar cheese 11

Pepperoni Pizza Burger

Pasta sauce, generous layer of pepperoni & mozzarella
cheese 12

Pizza Burger

Sauteed peppers, onions, mushrooms, pasta sauce & provel cheese 11.25

Sizzler Burger

Sliced jalapenos & pepper cheese 10.75

Smokehouse Burger

BBQ sauce, bacon, onion straws & cheddar cheese 12.25

Sriracha Burger

Green onions, onion straws, sriracha sauce & cheddar
cheese 11.25

Sticky Burger

Peanut butter, jalapeno jelly & bacon on a pretzel roll 12.25

Sweet & Spicy Burger

Sliced jalapenos, sweet n sour sauce & pepper jack cheese 11

Three Cheeseburger

Choose any 3 pieces of cheese 11.5

Velveeta Cheeseburger

Sauteed onions, spicy mustard, velveeta cheese, pretzel bun 12

Whiskey Jack Burger

Sauteed onions, homemade Jack Daniel’s sauce & provel
cheese 11

On-Line Order/Menu

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